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How to Successfully do Phone Sex?

Have you heard about phone sex or sexting? Now there’s the new trending sex via video call over the internet. Do you want to try it out with your partner when you have to go out of town for business? Then you need to make sure that you know how to start this. If you are about to successfully connect you will surely have a new form of sensation and a deeper connection with your partner. There’s a few factors that you need to make sure first.

50c20acec93bfLet Your Partner Agree on This
You need to make sure that both you and your partner will comment to long distance nubiles porn free via phone. You need to be able to set a perfect time that you two are wide awake in case you need to travel to a different country which have different time zone. You need to make sure that you both will get a clear signal. You don’t want to get interrupted with bad connection while you are about to ejaculate over your partner’s voice. Same goes as well if you are planning on doing a video call. You need to make sure that you have a fast and steady connection on both ends. You don’t want to adjust your speed of undressing because your partner’s computer is still loading. If you got all these factors set then you are ready to have the night of your life.

50c20b684b40fPrepare All The Necessary Tools & Enjoy
Make sure that your battery is full, this usually take a lot of time. And have your charger close by and make sure that you can easily connect it with a power source. If you need props to be sexy if you both are planning on a video sex call then better prepare all the necessary things so that you don’t have to leave your partner waiting while you look for the honey. Since it will be long distance you will just have to touch yourself while you let your partner know what you are doing. This is what usually goes in phone sex. But if you have video with your call then you don’t need words to show what you are currently doing. You also need to let your partner what you want them to do or what you are planning to do to them.

Best friends fucking can be a lot of fun especially if the two parties involve are willing and so game to try this out. This is the best solution for couple that usually needs to be far apart from each other because of work or other things. There is no reason for you to let the fire between the two of you die down because of distance. Try out having phone sex and you will surely enjoy how sharing your private masturbation session with your partner can bring you different kind of sensation that you might end up liking. Just hearing your partner’s sexy voice and you telling her on what you want her to do with her body can be very arousing.

Get Better at Sex Through Frequent Masturbation

Masturbating is probably a common thing for men in their teens since they think about sex more often than the ladies. But as you age there are some that tend to control their masturbating escapade. They seem to get too shy doing it or letting their friends know that they still do it. This is why some are too eager to have sex with their partner once they get the chance.

Often they get disappointed with their first try because they most likely ejaculated prematurely. This is common to men that lack experience but there’s a solution to this very embarrassing situation.

503629f8c2277Gain Better Control
If you keep on masturbating you will be able to control your ejaculation while lets try anal. The technique is you masturbate until to the point of ejaculation and then stop and try to control not exploding. Taking deep breaths helps and then starts it out again. Masturbation is like exercise for your genitals. The ladies can also try it out so that they would know which part they need to guide their partner to.

It would be fun if you let your partner help you. The sensation of another person touching you will be more intense than just touching yourself. If your partner agrees you will be able to test your limit and then be able to gain proper control over it.

Last Longer Than Usual
If you keep on practicing you will be able to enjoy a longer naughty office sex with your partner. Because you will be able to hold your ejaculation to let your partner enjoys your full size first. You can also try out several positions while you’re at it. You can even let your partner enjoy taking the lead and just signal her if she needs to stop or keep going.

50362a0fb3b18So there’s nothing to be ashamed about masturbating. You can even think of other ways to let your partner get involve while you are masturbating. You can ask her to perform a sexy dance for you’re to get you started. This is one way of letting your partner know that you are doing this for her to be able to satisfy and let her reach orgasm. Once you get better you will surely be in to some of the most erotic night that you ever share with your partner.

You can look for tips and other guides available online or through different pov life porn movies. As long as you both are more than willing to experiment and learn new things for the benefit of each other then you will eventually get better and you will enjoy every step of the way. Once you consider yourself expert in the art of love making you can consider on trying out some of the most difficult position to experience different form of pleasure. You can continue to keep your sex life a secret between the two of you if you want because there are now a lot of ways to learn discreetly. You can easily search through the internet all the information that you need.